Hello Gorgeous,
SMBE are the new girls on the block and are ready to show Adelaide that they have arrived!

She Means Business Events (SMBE) was born from a DESIRE, PASSION and LOVE of bringing people together in one space and creating memories!

‘GOOD stories get read, then get archived or used once, but more than likely they often get forgotten about…GREAT stories last a lifetime! Any story- even an event, no matter how big or small should always take your guests on a journey’.

Established in 2017, She Means Business Events lives and breathes events!
SMBE offers a professional, considered and affordable service to our Corporate and Private Clients. SMBE will provide you with a selection of services to suit your needs and will guide you through Event Management. 
Whether it is a fully managed event service, management of the final month’s preparations, a simple event coordination service on the day or even just a pure venue source for your special event, you can be assured that your event will be flawlessly executed.

SMBE has a keen eye for detail, complemented with perfectionism, which ensures a uniquely created SMBE event. SMBE adds a MODERN and TRENDY spin on events for both our corporate and private clients which are flawlessly executed.

WHY CHOOSE She Means Business Events

Clients choose She Means Business Events because we are event specialists! We live & breathe events!

Our experience is one of our greatest assets – and yours. Our knowledge and experience sees us delivering innovative and unforgettable events in Adelaide. SMBE services include management of all project elements including third party suppliers. We efficiently streamline the event management process with no hassle to our clients.
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South Australia and Beyond

She Means Business Events works primarily in South Australia, running events across the state. We are also available to travel throughout Australia for events further afield. Give us a call today to see if we can come to you.


Book in your next event today. Call 0439 417 723.

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